Articles tagged 'Regional Price Index'

Reports   February 26, 2014

The impact of lock-in effects on housing turnover

The research brief, “The Impact of Lock-In Effects on Housing Turnover and Implications for a Housing Recovery” summarizes a new working paper by IHS researchers Patric Hendershott, Jin Man Lee, and James Shilling. It finds that rapidly increasing interest rates, along with negative equity, “lock-in” households to their existing mortgages and residences, which reduces housing turnover.

Reports   October 9, 2013

Overview of the Chicago housing market

Written to inform the development of the City's 2014-2018 Five Year Housing Plan, the Overview of the Chicago Housing Market contains a comprehensive set of maps, charts, and tables meant to both provide background data for the city's housing plan and a comprehensive view of neighborhood housing markets. This book was used to facilitate advisory group discussions of the housing market needs of Chicago’s neighborhoods and to craft the new Five-Year Housing Plan that will guide the City’s policy and investment related to housing from 2014 to 2018.