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August 11, 2021

Longtime Chicagoans fear hot housing market could drive them out

SOURCE: Chicago Sun-Times
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July 16, 2021

Housing advocates push to preserve two-flats in Chicago

SOURCE: Chicago Sun-Times
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July 9, 2021

Thousands Of Chicagoans Could Face Evictions Next Month. This Group Is Going Door To Door To Keep People In Their Homes

SOURCE: Block Club Chicago
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June 21, 2021

IHS Technical Assistance to Support Preservation of 2 to 4 Unit Properties in Chicago

This blog provides an overview of the current state of 2 to 4 unit housing in Chicago, new pilot programs directed at preserving multi-unit housing in Chicago, and IHS’s work in community partnerships over the years that have provided insight on the 2 to 4 unit housing market.

June 19, 2021

Chicago Flats Initiative Aims to Preserve Affordable Multifamily Housing

May 27, 2021

A Statewide Billion-Dollar Relief Package Has Eased Some Fears Of Mass Evictions In Cook County

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May 20, 2021

Chicago's Disappearing Multi-Unit Buildings

SOURCE: Planetizen
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May 15, 2021

Study shows smaller housing opportunities disappearing in Illinois

SOURCE: The Center Square
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May 14, 2021

Chicago Is Rapidly Losing Its Signature Home, The Two-Flat: ‘Now You Go Through Lincoln Park And It Looks Like The Suburbs’

SOURCE: Block Club Chicago
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Reports   May 13, 2021

Patterns of Lost 2 to 4 Unit Buildings in Chicago

This analysis uses a unique data set to document the loss of the 2 to 4 stock in Chicago neighborhoods in an effort to understand the different ways that market forces put pressure on this key segment of the city’s housing market.