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March 21, 2013

Addressing Long-Term Vacancy: One Policy Approach

This is the second in a series of posts discussing long-term residential vacancy in Chicago and suburban Cook County. For the first post in this series, click here. The first post in this series, Understanding vacancy: Patterns of long-term vacancy in Cook County, discussed why a residential address may become vacant and how properties that...

January 7, 2013

Morning Shift: 2013 Housing Market Preview

December 19, 2012

Chicago’s Midrange Homeowners Taking the Hardest Hits

SOURCE: Chicago Magazine
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Reports   May 30, 2012

Cash or credit: The role of cash buyers in Cook County's housing market

This analysis examines residential property sales activity in Cook County from 2005 to2011 and explores the role that cash buyers are playing in different segments of the County’s housing market. This analysis sets a baseline for future research into the importance of access to credit and the impact of investor activity on neighborhood recovery.