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February 18, 2019

Understanding the Relationship between Opportunity Zones and Displacement Pressure in Chicago

This blog highlights how Chicago’s designated Opportunity Zones align with displacement pressure in the city’s neighborhoods and discusses what this means for the implementation of Opportunity Zone investments.

Reports   December 18, 2018

Analyzing Neighborhoods with Intensifying and Emerging Housing Affordability Pressure

This analysis examines IHS’s updated displacement pressure maps and ways that market pressure may be changing in Chicago neighborhoods. The goal is to give neighborhood stakeholders a timely resource to understand shifting levels of market activity and highlight which areas in the City of Chicago may be experiencing increased displacement pressure.

Indicators and Data Tools   December 18, 2018

Mapping Displacement Pressure in Chicago, 2018

IHS’s Mapping Displacement Pressure in Chicago project supports ongoing and future public investment decisions by creating a leading indicator to identify neighborhoods where vulnerable populations may be experiencing affordability pressures and displacement risk from increased housing costs.

October 11, 2018

Why Some Chicago Neighborhoods Are Losing Their Children

Since 2010, the number of children in Chicago declined by 40,000. Chicago ranks near the top of cities in the nation for child population declines, right behind Cleveland and Detroit.

Indicators and Data Tools   August 3, 2017

Regional Housing Solutions Data Tool

Recently, IHS worked with Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning (CMAP), Metropolitan Mayors Caucus (MMC), and Metropolitan Planning Council (MPC) to develop a housing market analysis to 1) identify the spatial patterns and characteristics of distinct subregional housing markets across northeastern Illinois and 2) identify a set of market-driven strategies responsive to local needs. The results of this collaborative effort were recently released through the Regional Housing Solutions website.

Reports   November 1, 2016

Measuring the Impact of The 606

Measuring the Impact of the 606: Understanding How a Large Public Investment Impacted the Surrounding Community examines how the housing market responded to the development of The 606 linear park, Chicago's recent addition to the growing number of "rails to trails" projects nationwide.

September 15, 2016

Using Data to Drive Community Change

How a unique partnership between organizers and data analysts helped a community group on Chicago’s southwest side develop strategies to stabilize the neighborhood’s housing market.In August, Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan took a walking tour of the Chicago Lawn neighborhood. She was there to review the progress in a neighborhood that had been hard...

Indicators and Data Tools   July 12, 2016

Chicago Area Housing Market Conditions Report

he Housing Market Conditions Report is released in conjunction with the annual update of the IHS Housing Market Indicators Data Portal. The objective of this report is to help users of the IHS Housing Market Indicators Data Portal interpret IHS market conditions indicators such as levels of foreclosure distress, the characteristics of property sales, or levels of mortgage credit, and how they vary across the region in the most recent data.

August 25, 2014

Examining Patterns of Concentrated Institutional Investor Purchases in Cook County

After aggressively entering the housing market in 2012, institutional investors slowed their purchasing of single family homes in early 2014, signaling the beginning of a new phase in the real estate owned (REO)-to-rental cycle that shifts focus away from property acquisition and increasingly toward how these global corporations will act as property owners...

Indicators and Data Tools   June 12, 2014

Cook County House Price Index: First Quarter 2014

Update from IHS's regularly updated Cook County Single Family House Price Index.